W. Popielarz - Locomotive - chamber pieces

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Catalog number: 09/2023

What can push or pull? Hm... LOCOMOTIVE! Such, after all, are the tasks of this powerful machine. It is also the title of the first edition of my ensemble compositions. You will find that chamber music is a locomotive that will strongly pull your development as a Musician. Playing together will unleash joy and pride, and strengthen your sense of self-confidence. You will become familiar with literature that you would not play as a soloist. You will become better at reading a'vista. You will develop your hearing, attention, coordination, reflexes, communication, and take the opportunity to create an artistic space where the unique energy and joy of making music reigns.


"LOKOMOTYWA" features 22 songs in arrangements ranging from duet to sextet. Although seemingly written for guitars, many of the voices are worth performing on any melodic instrument. After all, collaboration with other specialities is one of the great attractions of chamber music. Now for some advice:I encourage you to transpose your chosen parts. When playing the title piece, be sure to use a whistle. Be creative! If the score calls for castanets - and you don't have them - tap the guitar box or use another percussion instrument. Use the rich possibilities of the guitar: apoyando, pizzicato, flageolet, timbral and percussion effects, etc. Translate and realise performance terms e.g.: morendo, con anima, alla breve, calando and many others. When preparing dances: Bergamasca, Polka or Siciliana - find out where they come from and their character. Realising the signs: 2. accel. or 2. rit. - perform the acceleration/deceleration only the second time. I hope you enjoy 'Quodlibet'. These are six seemingly different tunes. Guess the titles, play them separately and then simultaneously, inviting your friends to play along. Write your own seventh tune to match the song. Aha.... come up with a band name and take care of the notes. My heartfelt thanks to Cicadis Publishing and Tomasz Kani for their cooperation. Joy to the band!

Wojciech Popielarz


Publisher: Wydawnictwo Cicadis
The year of publishment: 2023
Binding: soft
Format: 225 x 305
Number of pages: 40
Instrument: guitar, violin, flute

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