Retro & Futuro II (pdf.)

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  "I am very happy that we are meeting again. The collection "Retro & Futuro II" is a continuation of stories that fit into the colour palette of the changing seasons. The pieces introduce a melancholic mood, illustrate a storm of expression or allow you to let your musical imagination run wild. The idea is to be able to perform each piece separately or to create your own images, musical collages and stories from them without sticking to a set framework.

    The book you have the pleasure of holding in your hands is aimed at beginner and intermediate guitarists. This time I have arranged the pieces in order from the easiest to the more technically and expressively complex, except for "Christmas Tree", which closes the collection and is aimed at beginner performers (thus preserving the continuity of the seasons). I have used many guitar techniques such as: arpeggio, legato, staccato, glissando, tremolo or flageolets, you will also find here other guitar surprises. The songs are united and characterised by melodiousness and illustrative character.

    The inspiration to write these miniatures came from the mood and emotions that sometimes changed like in a kaleidoscope, crazy ideas of my daughter Zuzanna and noticing simple and often prosaic moments that accompany everyday life. I wish you many pleasant impressions and hope to hear you at the concerts."

Justyna Dawidowicz


Publisher: Wydawnictwo Cicadis
The year of publishment: 2022
Binding: wydanie pdf
Format: 225 x 305
Number of pages: 32
Instrument: guitar

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