Poranek na Mazurach

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Catalog number: 03/2022


Guitarist,    This time, with you in mind, I have prepared a set of pieces with medium and higher musical and technical requirements. In their selection I was guided by artistic and didactic values, as well as variety. There are characteristic pieces, programme pieces, dance pieces, an etude with jazz elements and a larger form - a theme with eight variations. By analysing them, you will apply and perfect most of the techniques for advanced instrumentalists such as: tremolo, passages, pizzicato, scales, legato, thirds, sixths or octaves, artificial harmonics, registers, barre, tambour. You will also increase your understanding of Italian  performance terms and the ability to memorise increasingly large forms will also grow, and this will certainly significantly raise your level of playing and understanding of the Art.
Personally, I am most attached to the title piece‚ Morning in Mazury’, which I particularly recommend to your attention. The graphic image of the musical text refers to the old tradition, when composers used sparingly indications concerning dynamics or articulation. So if you find large fragments without any performance suggestions it means that I leave the interpretation to you. Similarly, I allow for free use of repetition, or the omission of some part, e.g. a variation.
I wish you much joy in becoming an Artist.


Wojciech Popielarz


Publisher: Wydawnictwo Cicadis
Binding: hardcover
Format: 225 x 305
Instrument: guitar

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