K. Bartnik - On the meadow (pdf.)

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The suite "On the Meadow" is a collection of 4 miniatures written in 2005, supplemented by another in 2023. It includes not only programmatic titles and sounds inspired by specific creatures from the animal world, but also dance forms - waltz and march. The pieces include typical guitar techniques, the musical language is rich and harmonically interesting. The miniatures are intended for more advanced guitarists.

The snail sings its most beautiful song. Care should be taken to create a beautiful, saturated, deep sound and use strong vibrato. The slow tempo mimics the way the snail moves.

Bees fly overhead. They are working. They collect nectar. Fast tempo, repeating bars (full freedom for the performer) and motoricity are the musical representation of these insects. The elaboration of the dynamics is left to the performer. The miniature was written in the style of Leo Brouwer, a prominent Cuban composer.

The spiders weave, weaving their web to the rhythm of a waltz. One should sway, singingly showing the melody.

The caterpillars eat more leaves in a marching rhythm. A sharper sound, well-planned dynamics and a clear melody against a rhythmic accompaniment is a recipe for a successful miniature performance.

The ants are planning to build a larger anthill, so they head up to the gathering. The motoric, lively tempo is reminiscent of the way they move. The characteristic bar in 2/4 meter mimics the call to action. The miniature is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding composer Igor Stravinsky.


Kamil Bartnik


Publisher: Wydawnictwo Cicadis
The year of publishment: 2023
Binding: pdf
Format: 225 x 305
Number of pages: 12
Instrument: guitar

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