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I play a vista guitar is a textbook for learning to play a vista for children and teenagers. The publication has been divided into two parts. The theortic part contains the work strategy and the most important information for the contractor, parent and teacher. The practical part is a comprehensive set of exercises arranged according to the degree of difficulty with a commentary. The manual is issued in a spiral binding, which improves the comfort of use. The book is arranged well on the desktop, it does not close, the pages are not wavy.


The handbook can be used for independent work as well as a didactic aid for the teacher.



The author starts from the simplest form of rhythm realization by applauding without an instrument. Then he introduces the game on one note and empty strings, so that the student from the very beginning of learning, with small steps, gets used to various rhythms. How often a child reads a vista sheet music and focuses only on the pitch of the sound. He is alien to the rhythmic discipline and a whole range of factors that make up the work. Rhythm, melody, dynamics, agogics, articulation, colors - these are the elements that influence the artistic expression of the performance. All of them have been noticed and developed in the discussed handbook. The following exercises introduce the left hand to the game and more and more executive tasks that must be performed simultaneously.

The exercises included in the textbook teach conscious analysis of the text, precision of performance with care for various elements of a musical work, broaden theoretical knowledge, teach working with a metronome and make you realize how important it is for the performer to be able to read all the information contained in the score. A practical glossary at the end of the textbook teaches independence in acquiring knowledge, and exercises in which the student has the opportunity to propose their own dynamics and articulation develop creativity and musical imagination.

This handbook is an interesting inspiration for students, parents and teachers to look for ways to develop perceptiveness, memory and broaden the field of view in the process of music education. I believe that this is an interesting and worth recommending didactic publication.

prof. Iwona Bodziak


This handbook can be of great help in developing your a vista guitar skills. The author, apart from a set of original exercises, provides valuable tips for the performer, parent and teacher. The textbook "Gram a vista na gitarze" by Beata Rynkiewicz-Beier is a must-have for anyone looking for effective methods of educating this extremely valuable skill.

dr hab. Ewa Jabłczyńska


Publisher: Wydawnictwo Cicadis
The year of publishment: 2021
Binding: spiral
Format: 225 x 305
Number of pages: 173
Instrument: guitar

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